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A Tripp down memory lane.

Woke up to the news that Linda Tripp has passed away today and it seemed appropriate to mark that occurrence by finally getting this blog, which has been gestating for about ten years, underway. Tripp, being a crucial player is a natural segue into the Lewinsky/Clinton scandal and the headline was irresistible. Tripp is only relevant with regards to the naivety of Monica Lewinsky, and how Monica was not only played then, but continues to be played to this day, by both Hilary and Bill, who are my main focus.

Take last month for example when an article in The Guardian similarly provoked me into action but alas I was not in a position to seize that particular day. I first wrote about my take on the affair in the now defunct comment section in The Graun, which was called ‘The Talk’, this was in 2009. I have the relevant threads archived and I will be publishing excerpts in due course.

My musings in The Talk section were my first raw tests to see how the ideas I had developed then would be received by the general public. It did not go well. The main ideas I was rehearsing were how the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal could be deconstructed to reveal my deeper ideas into marriage and how I wanted to redefine it in the age of internet pornography.

In fact I have since discovered that just about all my ideas do not sit easily with the general public or even specialists in the field which reminds me of the ludicrously titled Festival of Dangerous Ideas, which appears to have been cancelled. I say ‘ludicrous’ because I don’t really see the ideas there as being particularly dangerous. This will become apparent as I unfold my ideas, which truly are dangerous, especially for me. More to follow…